Have you caught yourself lately thinking...

"I don't know how to go on!"  

"I wonder if there's more to life than this?"

"I would like to just can't figure out how my new job is going to feel? Will I be 

Are you ready to change, but you lack the courage to go ahead?

Would you like to resolve an internal or external conflict?


As a life and management coach I will support you when you start dealing with difficult or painful situations.  and connect with your aspirations, to let go of the dead weight in your life and set yourself free. Let go of old views and discover your new vision of life. 

"Are you ready to change?"


"With nothing

to compare

yourself to

aren't you



Byron Katie 

Was bedeutet eigentlich Panta Rhei?


Panta Rhei kommt aus dem Griechischen und heisst: „Alles fliesst“. Es verweist auf den vorübergehenden Charakter allen Lebens und der uns umgebenden Wirklichkeit. Oder anders gesagt: Das einzige, was sich in der wahrnehmbaren Welt nicht verändert, ist, dass sich alles wandelt, alles ist in stetem Fluss, nichts ist von Bestand.